Thanks for your positive feedback — glad you enjoyed my work.

With regards to the recommendations — I tried keeping things light to not intimidate readers with the size of the story. I am sure you can agree that each of these income streams could be broken down into articles of equal length.

Happy to explain further, though!

Share to buy is a scheme I stumbled across when in the UK. It allows first-time buyers to purchase a share of a property and pay rent on the rest of the amount of the property’s value (if they want to move in the property and live in it).

From an investment standpoint, co-owning a holiday property (and benefitting from the rent) is more what I had in mind, which is referred to as fractional ownership. This means that you make a one-time investment on a property and you have a set amount of days in the year (typically the same every year) that you can use this property as your own. This also includes sub-letting it, should you wish to do so, or using it as your own vacation home. Subletting will allow generation of rental income.

Hope this helps!

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