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Hello and thanks to everyone, who decided to spend five minutes of their busy day to learn more about me.

My name is Lazarina.

I am a full-time Tech SEO Analyst, a content writer on Medium, and a freelancer.

With this story, I would love to formally introduce myself, let…

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There are a number of opportunities for marketers to supercharge their processes via automation.

One key opportunity is to use GPT-3-based marketing automation to drive more efficient and effective leads via email marketing, writing better content, crafting unique titles, addressing questions that people ask, or even writing content briefs.


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I’ve been freelancing for about a year now, alongside my full-time job. While my income allows me to quit the latter and take the plunge, several aspects of freelancing have kept me from doing it.

Today, I’d like to talk about precisely them. The seven things that no one tells…

#1 on Trending | $456,000 Squid Game In Real Life! | Source: YouTube

Okay, so Mr. Beast broke YouTube.

He just invested $3.5M into a single video to recreate Squid Game.

And it did just as well as Squid Game did for Netflix.

This time there was no death, there was no contestant debt (or not the life-crippling one that we saw in…

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Really don’t know if this was always the case, but it seems like recently all I hear and read about is freelancing. While many people do not have the luxury to go full-time freelancing, many professionals dip their toes in it. Me included.

The thing is, though, if you are…

Screenshot of Taylor Swift’s TikTok Video, announcing the release of her music to TikTok

TikTok as a platform has been absolutely revolutionary for the music industry. As an article on Insider reads:

“Music marketing on TikTok is huge,” — Jesse Callahan, founder of the upstart marketing firm Montford Agency.

It has resulted in the birth of many of the artists we now call icons…

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What is Nightwatch?

Nightwatch is an advanced SEO tool with many functionalities. It has a supreme user interface, enabling keyword position tracking (rank tracking), backlink motioning, and site audits.

You can use the tool as an alternative to Semrush or Ahrefs but it’s fair to say that in comparison to the industry giants…

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So, the first of its kind writing competition on my favorite blogging platform — Medium came to a close recently.

And the results surprised a lot of people. What surprised me the most was the patterns of winning, not the outcome itself.

When reviewing the winners and the feedback for…

Photo by Ussama Azam on Unsplash

Over the past few months we, SEOs and webmasters have been busy bees trying to keep up with Google’s constant changes.

In one summer alone, we had several core search algorithm updates, such as the title change update, the introduction of MUM, the page experience ranking factor update roll-out.


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