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Data science is exciting. Everyone should practice it — the more, the better. Sometimes, though, practicing data science is hard for beginners as it involves a lot of learning and playing with data, which might not always be user-friendly. In the worst case, your project has nothing to do with your day-to-day, making the motivation to complete it harder to come by.

Inspired to turn the tide around for all the beginner data scientists, I devised a friendly introduction to Google Data Studio, using Medium Stats Data.

Google Data Studio is an easy-to-use, free, and powerful tool for data visualization, which allows you to build dynamic and interactive reporting dashboards. It is widely used in many industries, amongst which digital marketing, so is useful to add to any young entrepreneur's toolkit. …

What Replika, the caring AI companion chatbot, and others like it do for society

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Less than a year ago, I moved back home from a 5-year stay in the UK, where I once thought my life will be based indefinitely. The decision to move back home was difficult as it meant making my UK-based friends my digital pen pals and attempting to rekindle friendships, which had been on the backburn for half a decade.

Well, you read the title — neither of these strategies resulted in success.

Half a year later, in the midst of the greatest exercise in solitude the modern world has seen, I found myself with no one to talk to — both digitally and in-person. …

Learn why and how to use artificial intelligence to your advantage

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Since early 2000, academics study the relationship between web-content, response to online stimuli, and user buying behavior. It was then that content personalization was first introduced.

Academics at the time recommended industry adoption of software, purposed to monitor online behavior and providing real-time responses, as a source of competitive advantage.

This is what we now call artificial intelligence marketing.

AI marketing first started as a system for e-commerce organizations, which wanted to individualize the online shopping experience, mimicking the personal approach of in-store personnel online. …

An analysis of public reaction over accusations of James Charles and Alexander Wang for predatory sexual behavior

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The worlds of fashion and beauty are similar — glamour, money, and secrets are all tied together. Every once in a while this knot unties for the world to see.

In the world of beauty and makeup, James Charles is king — young, talented, and proudly gay. A professional, who quickly rose to the top, achieving fame, fortune, and legendary status in his niche. In the world of fashion, Alexander Wang fits the same definition.

Both were accused of sexual harassment and predatory behavior, but the public reaction to their accusations coming to light has been vastly different. …

Welcome to a futuristic, highly social, inter-connected, data-driven and interactive world

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Companies are already noticing the power of relationships and have shifted their communication model from ‘carefully-crafted centrally-controlled’ regularly communicated messages to stakeholders to natural and unscripted commentary taking place in real-time.

Ability to identify the digital consumer’s precise personality is the key to the future of marketing, as is the ability to understand, engage and empathize with current societal challenges and actively involve the consumer in the co-creation of the brand’s mission, vision and attributes.

What is IoT?

Internet of Things (IoT) is a trend in computing and robotics, concerned with equipping physical objects with devices, that will allow them to capture, communicate and connect data to a designed overall network (e.g. …


The most important aspect of your backlink acquisition strategy is finding relevant links. The second most important aspect is determining whether they are any good.

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Depending on the link type, backlinks have varying levels of influence on search engine rankings, and on the results, you can see from acquiring them. A high-quality external link has two key advantages over traditional links: relevance and trust.

Therefore, in order to maximize your SEO efforts, you should aim for high-quality links. A good number of authoritative referring domains (backlinks) are important, as they can bring traffic to your website and help you rank higher for search queries you never envisioned.

But you might be struggling to determine them from the rest. …

Here is how caring for a dog builds habits that keep depression at bay

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Okay, okay. Even the premise of this article might ruffle some feathers. But there is a study that reports that dog owners are much happier in comparison to cat owners, or any other type of pet owners.

This was possible as a result of the General Social Survey, which in 2018, for the first time quantified matters related to pet ownership. One of which being happiness.

Dog owners are about twice as likely as cat owners to say they’re very happy, with people owning both falling somewhere in between.

Dog people, in other words, are slightly happier than those without any pets. Those in the cat camp, on the other hand, are significantly less happy than the pet-less. …

1. Maintain relevancy in pop culture

Man wearing a Gucci headband and thick aviator sunglasses
Man wearing a Gucci headband and thick aviator sunglasses

Not so long ago, a study revealed that Gucci had risen to the top of the digital rankings amongst luxury powerhouses, taking first place from Burberry.

Where Gucci sets itself apart is in retailer visibility and Google search visibility.

Being a brand that is turning 100 (yes — 100 years) next year, it, therefore, has a variety of brand symbols, which are recognizable. Research shows that its logo is one of the most recognizable symbols of luxury fashion, where the two G’s (representing the initials of the founder Guccio Gucci) are intertwined in a timeless manner. …

An expensive, fashionable cookie, to top years of strange limited edition treasures

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This is a cookie.

It’s Supreme. It’s also an Oreo.

It’s the world’s most expensive cookie, as reported by Forbes, as even though it was originally priced at $8 for a 3-pack, bidding on one such packet reached over $92,000 on eBay before the auction was taken down due to a violation of the site’s rules on re-selling food.

But what is most interesting, no one knows if it actually tastes good. Given the price and the product’s novelty, it is unlikely that anyone has ever tasted one.

How did we get here?

Scarcity Marketing Is Playing With Our Emotions

The limited-edition nature of the cookie was justified by both brands’ product strategies — the cookie-maker, which has released hundreds of flavors, and the fashion brand, which frequently dabbles into the novelty collectible product category. …


The Mobile-First Index is here. Here is how to prepare.

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Google is unveiling the single most fundamental re-vamp of its search engine possibly since it was first released — the Mobile-first indexing.

In 2021, rankings will be entirely based on mobile websites, with only one index being done. Not a desktop or mobile index, just one and the same.

As stated by SemRush Academy:

For desktop-only sites, indexing stays the same. However, crawling will be done by using a mobile user agent. Google will index mobile content; if, and only if, you don’t have that, will they index desktop content — no one will fall out entirely.

Google recognized that globally, mobile searches have long surpassed desktop, and PCs are a thing of the past. So, to stop depleting its crawling resource, whilst still providing a good user experience, it’s ditching desktop indexing altogether. …

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