3 GPT-3 Streamlit Web Apps That Will Help You Supercharge Marketing

Automate the boring bits and skyrocket your productivity 🚀

Lazarina Stoy


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There are a number of opportunities for marketers to supercharge their processes via automation.

One key opportunity is to use GPT-3-based marketing automation to drive more efficient and effective leads via email marketing, writing better content, crafting unique titles, addressing questions that people ask, or even writing content briefs.

In this article, I will introduce three Streamlit web apps I am amazed by and love using, that help me become more efficient and productive as a digital marketer and content creator.

What is GPT-3?

GPT-3 is all the rage right now. It’s a generative pre-trained deep learning model to produce human-like text. It is created by OpenAI — a laboratory, specializing in AI research. — me, in May 2021

Not much has changed. GPT-3 is still all the rage. Only difference between then and now is that OpenAI — the lab that develops the model has released access to everyone, instead of putting developers in a queue for months before getting their hands on a beta release.

So, now everyone can get their hands on this sweet language generation software.

But rest assured, if you don’t have the development capabilities of building your custom script or software, there are some awesome people in digital marketing that have built some free web apps that you can use instead.

1. Interactive Email Generator App using GPT-3

Alex Zavalny has created a Streamlit app that uses GPT-3 to help you write a perfect email.

According to the app’s description, there are several benefits, amongst which time saved and energy conserved. I mean, who doesn’t need this these days?

In addition to this, according to Alex, the app can also help professionals reduce their anxiety of writing a professional sounding email (or email with any…



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